The 3D visualization of the CAD design helps the customer to visually validate a product that has not yet been physically produced or to define colors and surfaces. With different resolutions, images can be generated for many applications. Product overview, online catalog and marketing products such as brochures and posters.

3D visualizations can also be created as video animations - for example for training purposes or assembly instructions.

Specialised Presentations

Watches are very precise and often complex products. Exploded views can help to clarify the various components and mechanisms of a watch.

These detailed views not only serve to illustrate the complexity of the movements, but can also be used as assembly instructions. By visually breaking down individual modules, watch service centers or watchmakers can carry out maintenance work to the highest quality.


The visualisation of a watch or clock movement can provide a fascinating insight into how it works. However, it is important not to reveal too many technical details. It is therefore advantageous to have a basic knowledge of movements for this work.

Additional Functions

The visualisation of additional modules can also provide watch enthusiasts with interesting insights into their watches.

It also offers the watch brand the opportunity to present its own development and convey technical expertise.


Visualisations play a decisive role in product definition. They enable those responsible to gain a realistic impression of the finished product in order to make decisions. Aspects of the case, such as choice of material, design or surface finish, can be viewed and evaluated.

Dial and Hands

By visualising dials and hands at an early stage, our customers can actively participate in the design process and ensure that their ideas and requirements are fully met. This helps to ensure that the final watch is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.