Bivouac 1962 1


The origins of the Favre-Leuba manufactory date back to 1737. The opening of a watchmaking workshop in Le Locle on 30 March 1737 by Abraham Favre (1702-1790) is documented.

In 1815, Henry Auguste Favre decided -in the fourth generation- to change the brand name from A. Favre et Fils to Favre-Leuba, after the Favre family entered into a co-operation with the Leuba family from Buttes. His son Fritz Favre married Adèle-Fanny Leuba in 1855. The expansion to South America and Asia followed, heralding the most successful period in the history of the brand through the establishment of a strong distribution network. It reached its peak in the 1960s. During this time, up to 200,000 watches were produced annually and the brand transformed itself from a classic watch brand into a highly industrialised manufacture with diverse inventions such as the altimeter and the depth gauge in combination with a watch. The company then moved its headquarters to Geneva for reasons of infrastructure and prestige and set up an ultra-modern manufactory there.

The icons of the time. Bivouac, Bathy, Deep Blue and Sea Sky are still among the most sought-after watches on the vintage market today and fetch high prices.

In 1967, Favre-Leuba was awarded with the Model "Centurion" 1st prize in the "Chronographs and Sports Watches" category at the World Exhibition in Montreal.

The watches in our range date from 2016 to 2020 and are modelled on these icons.

The Favre-Leuba brand is now based in Grenchen.