Watch- and Clock-Restoration

Vintage watches and antique timepieces require special care.

With our many years of experience, we will expertly maintain the value of your watch collection. We value antique, historically important timepieces just as much as early pocket watches or modern wristwatches. Regardless of the brand, we attach great importance to giving every watch the attention it deserves, whether it is a well-known brand or a nameless watch that is particularly close to your heart.

Overhauls and repairs

Our focus is on overhauls and repairs of vintage watches. We understand the unique requirements and nuances of these timeless watches and specialize in preserving their substance and functionality.


The importance of a well-equipped workshop is particularly evident in the case of historical or antique watches and clocks, where each individual part is unique and requires special attention. The right equipment makes it possible to carefully repair old mechanisms without jeopardizing their substance.

Bracket-, Wall- and Longcase-Clocks

The restoration of clocks requires both craftsmanship and historical expertise. Often, not only do the movements need to be overhauled, but the cases also need to be carefully cleaned and repaired if necessary.

Special restoration projects

We are also open to individual challenges, such as the electric world time clock from the 1970s shown in the picture. In addition to organising an original slave clockwork, we also had to develop a new master clock with a time signal receiver.

Manufacturing of components

When restoring clocks, it is crucial that we are also able to manufacture our own components. Original parts are often damaged, lost or no longer available. The ability to precisely reproduce defective parts is therefore essential.

Refurbish the casing

A complete service for vintage watches includes not only the overhaul and repair of the mechanics, but also the refurbishment and cleaning of the case. We attach great importance to ensuring that your watch is not only in top condition on the inside, but also on the outside.