Watch technology is our passion. As a technical office for watch development, we design the complete watch, add an additional function to an existing movement, improve a mechanism or manage the manufacturing plans.

We use the latest CAD programs to fulfill our customers' wishes. The CAD design of individual parts such as the watch case, dial and hands can also be commissioned individually. We offer our services on a modular basis.

The development of a movement

Our experience in restoration enables us to recognise any weak points at an early stage. It is of great importance to shed light on the past in order to ensure a solid and reliable construction for the future.


The barrel. Power source of the movement

In addition to the technical function, each individual part of the movement should contribute to the overall impression and reflect the beauty of the technology. Form is just as important to us as function.

The gear train

A section through the gear train helps the designer to recognise any collisions and prevent them at an early stage.

Nothing must interfere with the free movement of the wheels. Maintaining the minimum distances between the parts is just as important as choosing the right dimensions and materials.

Escapement and balance wheel

The escapement and balance form the heart of the movement.

These components must be calculated precisely and are produced with the smallest possible tolerance deviations. They are responsible for the accuracy of your watch.

Watch case

The primary function of the watch case is to protect the movement.

This case was designed for a water resistance of 100 bar and a diving depth of 1000 metres. The resistance to the enormous pressure must be calculated accordingly.

Case prototype

In order to verify the theoretically calculated resistance, the produced watch cases are subjected to extensive underwater and impact tests in practice.

Manufacturing plan of a set of hands

The hands of a watch are delicate. Sometimes almost as thin as a human hair. To ensure perfect stability, the manufacturing plans must be precisely measured. A hand must not shift or even fall off, even under external influences.


Even more than the case or the hands, the dial is the most important design element. For the observer, it is the face of the watch.

The smallest differences in proportions have an effect on the overall appearance, which is why we always realise the design concept very precisely.


The importance of the correct design of the strap and clasp should not be underestimated. They are design elements of the watch. Wearing comfort and ease of use are important features for the potential owner when deciding in favour of or against a particular watch.