The watch, from construction to restoration

WatchWorld has in-depth knowledge of the entire watch industry. We accompany our customers from design to restoration.


WatchWorld implements technical innovations in watch movements as well as unusual design ideas. We develop entire watches or just parts of them.

We design complete mechanical movements as well as functional extensions to existing calibers. The construction of watch cases, dials and hands is just as much a part of our repertoire as the design of the bracelet or strap buckle.

The experience gained from many years of watch restoration flows into the design of 3D models from which we create the 2D manufacturing plans for parts production and manage them for our customers.


We create realistic 3D visualizations from the CAD designs that you have us create or that may already exist. This allows you to advertise your new products in catalogs or on a website before they are physically available.

3D visualizations can help in the decision-making process for the design of new products or provide important support in marketing.

Watch- and Clock-Restoration

It is not enough for us to develop new watches. We also want to actively preserve their value. Watches are one of the few objects that can retain or even increase their value over decades and even centuries if they are properly cared for.

With us, not only your newly acquired watch, but also your antique watch is in the best hands.